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Originally Posted by RollingHard28 View Post
^^^ I had a question. I am interested on getting KW V1's since I am going to be primarily on street and want something simple...

I noticed that all of there coilovers come with and without EDC. The price is also affected by a couple hundred dollars..

I was looking for clarification...If you were to get C/O's without EDC does that mean the suspension options on the car are affected??

My current ride, 2012 F30 335I, I have a button next to the gears that changes suspension modes:

Eco Mode (Hardly ever use)
Comfort mode (hardly ever use unless I am going over speed bumps where I live)
Sport mode (Mode I am always in, more or less because of the extra Power)

I noticed that the comfort mode is a smoother ride than sport, but the extra boost of power is gone from sport mode (wish I could still have the engine power with the softer susp)

Anyways, KW's come with and without EDC, correct? So If I were to buy KW v1's without EDC, then I would no longer have the option of changing between Eco/ Comfort/ and sport? And then if that was the case and it was deleted, what mode would the car always be on? Would I still be able to change and get more power like before?

And if I bought KW V1's with EDC then I still would be able to change between modes and not lose any power?

I am confused, please someone clarify, or like the above poster said, it deletes the modes and is replaced by the digital screen where you can change it to your own settings?
I'll try to help. There are a lot of things wrong in your post.

There is no KW Variant 1 available for the F30.

EDC is the Electronic Damping Control. EDC is relabeled as the M-Adaptive Suspension on the F30. It is different from the 3 Modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport. The Modes adjust trottle response, steering stiffness, etc. The EDC adjust your damping. EDC by default adjusts with the different Modes, but you can customize it through iDrive (I think).

With the KW V2, your damping will be adjustable manually on the top of the strut. V3 will have the rebound adjust at the bottom of the strut along with the damping adjustment at the top.

If your F30 has EDC and you wish to get the KW v2 or v3, you need to get the EDC option. It comes with a module to delete the stock Electronic Damper Control without throwing a code. That's why it's a couple hundred more. You "can" get the coilovers without the EDC delete module, but you'll probably get errors on iDrive.

PLEASE NOTE... I do not have a EDC F30. I might be wrong with some facts that I posted, but I'm pretty sure it's right.

One last note. I wish I could return my KWs and get some CKS coilovers instead.