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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
That would be good too.

After living with my 3 for a couple of weeks, I'm not bothered by the radio/acc being on after shut down. It's one of those things where it becomes second nature. Put the car in "P", push 'stop', push the button again.

I'm not completely sold on comfort access. It is some quirks that are not convenient nor comforting, specifically it doesn't work every time. On more than a few occasions my finger is on the ridge and the doors won't unlock. I'm standing there trying and trying to unlock my doors with the CA method. Then if I switch hands, it WORKS. WTF! Sometimes it's a switch to my left hand, others to my right.

Also on a few occasions, I get out of the car, use the ridge to lock it up, but I forgot something, so I use the ridge to unlock, NOTHING. Try it again, nothing.
Wait a few more seconds, then it opens.
It seems that once you lock the car with CA, 5-10 seconds have to pass before you touch it again for it to work. If you touch it too quickly after locking, it doesn't respond.
Mine works perfectly 100% of the time. To open, I grab the handle, it unlocks and in I go. To lock, I touch the ridge, it locks and off I go. If I forgot something, I grab the handle again, it will unlock. I get what I forgot, touch the ridge, it locks, and off I go.

Now- the "kick your foot under the trunk to open" feature is totally hit or miss. I'm getting better at it though, but I'm not convinced I know the "secret"since I cant get it to work 100% of the time like the doors.