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Originally Posted by RollingHard28 View Post
Thanks for the info.. ^^^ also, why would you like the CKS over the KW's?
I should take that statement back. I said it out of frustration. I haven't tried the CKS coilovers... my discontentment only arises out of my experience with KW so far. I did seriously consider the CKS over the KWs. The KWs won out due to their reputation and being an older company.

CKS and other coilover systems like BC use the threaded body struts (fronts only). This method in theory will give a more comfortable ride at any height since the full travel of the strut is retained. KW uses the perch to adjust height. So the lower you go, the less travel room you have in the strut... eventually getting to the point of riding on the bump stops and bottoming out the strut. Now, there comes a point where having full travel of the shock presents it's own problems for the CKS... Like if you're slammed to the ground, you can essentially have the wheel hit the top of your wheel well.... this is all in theory.

The rear coilovers for the KWs is extremely flawed. I called out the KW tech on the phone about it's design flaw. He replied that that's how they've always done them. When I told him that simply putting slots on the black part of the coilover so a 2nd spanner wrench could be used to resist spinning, he just shrugged it off over the phone. And confirmed that they meant for you to unbolt the control arm and strut and pull out the spring every time you wanted to adjust the height of the rear coilover. This is utterly stupid imo. The other thing about the rears that annoyed me was that the V2 struts are painted black. They are not the stainless steel like the V3s in the press release photos. While this is not utterly stupid, it is disappointing since the V2s for the E90 were stainless.

Despite the lame answer that the tech gave to me on the phone, they do seem like they want to "eventually" make me happy. I just have to take measurements of my car, take some photos, get the part number stamped on the springs, measure the perch height (which is maxed out)... then they'll see what they can do to "fix" the problem for me. I already know the solution. Just send me springs that are 1.5" taller on all 4 corners. That'll give me room to set the perches in the middle somewhere. But they can't do that. They need those measurements and pictures first. Unfortunately, I can't do all that till next weekend.

Here's some good news at least. I started adjusting the damping settings on the front since it's so easy to do. They make a huge difference. I am currently riding 2 clicks from stiffest. And it feels very very confident.

So long story short... the KWs are good. They just need taller springs for the F30.

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