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Originally Posted by Rossifumi View Post
They do sell extenders for this. Look at the last image on row 2.
I think that is the right parts. I am sure they sell what you need though. Was the same with some Audi's I believe, so I read in that thread that KW sold them these distances (correct word?).

Yeah, I saw those. The Spring Distances. I am in dialog with KW about "fixing" my problem. Unfortunately, before they'll do anything, they need a barrage of measurements and photos and details on the springs etc. I won't be able to get all that info to them until a few weeks. Personally, I don't think they should SELL me anything. I think they should GIVE me taller springs. Advertising a product to have a min 1" drop to max 6" drop is false advertisement. In reality it is more like min 3" drop to max 6".