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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
iPhone iOS6 questions:

1. The ability to read emails and text messages is all wireless, all through Bluetooth, correct?

2. When you get an incoming text, can you see that message atop whatever iDrive is displaying? If your map is on primary with entertainment on split screen and you get a text, does it overlay the map with a preview of what the text says?

I'm hoping that I'm excited about a wireless solution that doesn't require me to make a dozen iDrive spins and clicks. Text comes in, text is displayed on screen. Email comes in, subject line is displayed on screen. Just like the iPhone, but atop the iDrive LCD. Am I going to be happy or sad?

It would be pretty epic if that werew the case ... you can configure all sorts of notifications to display regardless of what you're doing on the phone so for iDrive to replicate that would make me a very happy man indeed
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