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Originally Posted by bananachipz
For those on the fence, it's really great.

There is a caveat though:

The CAN tool that BMS sells to clear codes works for the F30, BUT (and it's a big BUT):

There currently is no visual indication of anything when using it. Basically you plug it into your OBD port, and hold the button for 2 seconds, and your codes should be cleared - at least in theory, because you won't know if they actually are. on E90's, the gauges and lights work to indicate what's happening.

So your three options are:
- Wait until BMS updates the CAN tool to support the F30 the same way it supports E90's
- Use the CAN tool and hope to God it's working (especially prior to taking it in for service)
- Buy a BT Cable for ~$300 and use that software.

It is what it is. In my opinion BMS needs to do a better job with documentation and explanation.

But I don't think it's anything major really. I would still get it.

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