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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
Congrats on the car and looking forward to seeing some pics... soon!

And if you see a Red Lux' in your travels, give us a wave
Will do, thanks for the heads up on the window tintng too. Went to Solar screen on Thursday afternoon and they did a top job.

Took the car out for a spirited drive last night and I'm very impressed. My last beemer was a 2005 E91 and I have to say this car is far better. The driving experience is top notch as you'd expect. The balance on the steering is just right. The gear shift is just right, not too notchy but not too sloppy.

There are a load of little features which are pretty neat - don't know if any of these were on the later E9x's

Cruise control - Little LED that dances around the outside edge of the speedo to indicate what speed you've selected coupled with a numerical display on the dash is a really nice detail.

Hill Start assistance. A bit strange at first, but getting to like it.

I'm loving the AW. To be honest it would not have been my first choice but with a limited allowance for options I couldn't stretch to a differnent colour. I'm not disappointed at all, it's a bit of an off white rather than a pure white and it really looks nice. The 19's are slightly dark a look the business with the white paint.


Reverse sensors stay enabled (beeping) after taking the car out of reverse. I naively suggested to someone else on the forum a while ago that taking the car out of reverse kills the sensors but I was wrong... I'm sure there is a way, just haven't found it yet.

Driving mode. Really frustrating that this defaults to Comfort mode each time you restart the car. I've seen other threads on coding so I'll be looking into this soon.

More later... Hope to take some pics today or tomorrow... Almost reluctant to do it in a way as they really won't do it justice... Will try to get the best out of it.
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