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Originally Posted by hokie4life03 View Post
Agree. Why bother to make this car? It looks nice but coupe means 2-door!
I agree.

Yes, it does look nice, if one wants an even bigger 3 series.
This "gran coupe" idea is getting out of hand.
BMW already has a 4 series sedan, it's called the "3 series".
The 4 series is supposed to be the 3 series coupe version.
If BMW wanted to see a "gran coupe", then why not just design the 3 series to look like that?

BMW decided to break tradition by giving the coupe versions of their sedans a different number. But then, they decide to make a different looking sedan based on the coupe and simply call it a "4 gran coupe". It's NOT coupe.
It's a SEDAN, clear and simple.

As for a smaller sedan, I welcome the idea of a 1/2 series sedan. If BMW feels compelled to call it a "2 gran coupe", ok whatever. But don't make a 1/2 series sedan and then make a 'gran coupe'. It's just too freaking many cosmetic variants.

If the 4 coupe is based on the 3 series chassis, then how different will a
gran coupe, based on the 4 coupe that's based on the 3 series, actually be in terms of driving experience?
A longer wheelbase will make for a better ride, but won't be as nimble as a shorter wheelbase.
Seems the size of the 4 gran coupe is close to a 5 series. So why not just make the 5 series look that? It makes no sense to me. It's an experiment in cosmetics and visual appeal.