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Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
If somehow testmule developes into something like that rendering, I would totally get it over 3 sedan IF it doesn't carry $20K premium.
I can only suspect that it will start somewhere around $48000~50000 for 4 cyl version and will be around $60k with couple of options. I think it's going to fill in the gap between 528 and 535.
Gap between a 528 and 535, what gap?
It's the same chassis and one gets a turbo 4 and the other a turbo 6.
I don't see a 'gap' in there.

Also, I don't think the 4GC chassis is based on the 5, but on the 3.

This BMW GC idea is an answer to a question no on asked. It works better as a single stylish model in the lineup the way it is with VW, Audi, and MB.
BMW, it seems, wants a GC for all of it's series. That's what I don't get.

The VW CC is cool because it's a unique style that isn't coming from a coupe or sedan, style wise. It's unique mode in the VW lineup.
Likewise the CLS.
The Audi A7 is also no based on a coupe. It shares Audi/VW MLB chassis, which is what the 2012 A6 is on. There isn't an A6 coupe.