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Answers to your questions.

Ok. If that's true, then design the new sedans to give that look, and it will appeal to those who seek a sleeker look.

With BMW as well as conventional new car markets there is huge reliance on fleet markets throughout Europe and the UK. If we made the 3er more like the 4er Gran Coupe then right away the car would become unpractical for fleet sales and would drive customers into larger and more practical sedans from our competitors.
The 4er Gran Coupe like the 6er GC is a niche model therefore a model that will bring a considerable return thanks to its positioning.

To my eye, I don't see anything on the GC's that would appeal to a coupe buyer who needs more room. The GC's are LONGER than the coupe, thus negating the appeal of a coupe that gives the car a smaller look vs it's sedan variant, even if it isnt'.
As I said customers and demographics are getting younger especially in important emerging markets and with that comes the requirement for more flexibility. Yet they still want a Coupe.

I see this GC as alternatives for sedan buyers not couple buyers. Those who want a coupe want a 2 door, at least I do. When I got my 135i I liked it because of it's 2 door styling.
It is all a matter of preference , but with the 6er Gran Coupe I know some customers who like the 6er Coupe but require extra flexibility for family and business needs.

The GC does look nice, great style. If both the F30 and the 4 GC were out, I'd consider either one. But if I really wanted a coupe, it would be a 2 door.
The 4er will be available as both 2dr and 4dr.
Step 1.