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Originally Posted by Tremolo
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So was I but so far so good. Easy enough to adjust and no noises. I'm actually very impressed with them. Caught me completely off guard as I would have never expected this level of refinement from a Taiwan based setup. I've had KW, TC Kline, and AST's. For a pure street setup I'm happy with the BC's. Now if I was tracking I would be going with something else.
What else would you go with if you were tracking? Not that I'm tracking my car, but the option to have a track set up is nice. That's what I expected out of the KW V2s... coilovers good for street and track. But the way the coilovers are designed just doesn't make sense to me. If you lower the height, the less strut travel room you get. Essentially, the lower you go, the crappier the ride. Why is KW so respected? Some one please enlighten me. <-- not being sarcastic. I really would like to know the merits.
What it all comes down to is that dual purpose coilovers are a compromise one way or the other. Brands like KW lean more to street side of things as do BC. So if street is 99% of your driving they are great.

Then you have koni based setups such as TC Kline that are more like a 90% street. They can be great on the street but start to throw in track based stuff such as linear spring rates and bearing based camber plates.

After that you start to head into the high end solutions with AST being the most affordable followed by Ohlins, and then JRZ's as far as dual purpose solutions are concerned. MCS and Moton are supposed to have a dual purpose setup as well but that is completely overkill fir the most of us.

These all have fantastic and unique shock technology that other brands can't match. You do pay for the privilege though and will have to factor in additional cost for rebuilds and whatnot to keep them at peak operating condition. These would be for the 80% street and less crowd. For example I had AST's because I was autocrossing my old e46 M.

Hope this helps and the percentage splits are all my opinion on the matter so don't take it as gospel lol...
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