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(F30) Official ESTORIL BLUE II F30 Photo Thread

So on Saturday finally picked up my 2013 335i M sport which had been waiting at the dealership for me for 3 weeks. This replaces my 2010 535i and also have a 2012 X5 Sport Activity for cargo and a '99 Miata for fun.

Spec of car
335i M Sport RWD in EBII with black interior and 400M 18" wheels
Aluminium Hexagon interior trim with Estoril Blue matte highlight trim finishers

Cold Weather ZCW $950
Premium ZPP $2,200
Technology ZTP $3,100
Driver Assistance ZDA $1,900

Sport auto trans with shift paddles 2TB $500
Automatic high beams 5AC $250
Harman Kardon sound system 688 $875

TOTAL MSRP: $57,220
SALE PRICE: $53,715 (about $500 over invoice)
Ended up adding wheel/tire protection insurance for another $1100 or so.

Sequence of events:
23 June Placed order for car at BMW of Newton NJ. Said I wanted it for mid-September (family and travel reasons for delay).
30 June Finally got allocation from dealership in Florida for build, and production number from BMW.
10 July Start of production - received VIN - took approx 10 days
Shipped to port at Germany and waiting at port for approx 10 days
1 Aug (approx) On ship Mellenius Fidelio from Germany to NJ
15 Aug Ship docks at port in NJ
20 Aug Car arrives at dealership two weeks earlier than I expected
14 Sep ASS programmed to remember last selection
15 Sep I finally see the car - WOW - first time seeing EBII in real life. Drive gently home.
17 Sep Currently at 350 miles of careful break-in driving in Eco-Pro and Comfort to keep revs down.

One interesting item - I asked for all-season tires if possible as a slight preference over summer tires, but I wanted to keep the staggered layout (225/45 at front, 255/40 at rear). This cannot be done by the usual ordering process but my CA called BMW in Germany and said their computers could accept it. I wasn't sure if this would be handled correctly until the car arrived at the dealership and the sales manager confirmed over the phone the Continental all-season run-flats with the staggered layout.

First Impressions during break-in period
So nimble and fluid compared to my 535i
Incredible steering wheel - worth a chunk of the $ for M Sport right here, perfect diameter, thickness and texture
Amazing gadgetry - HUD much better than our X5, excellent auto high-beams, bright and clear cameras all-round, HK sound worth it
Incredible fuel economy in Eco-Pro with gentle foot (30+ mpg) during break-in
Wonderful seats - everyone should get the 3 series in Sport line or M Sport just for the fully adjustable seats (my 535 didn't have this but the X5 does)
Very fast acting paddle-shifts (using to vary engine rpm on highways during break-in)

Some Pics
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