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Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
sux u cut ur trip short... congrats tho, sexy combo!
Thanks! Yeah, I still get a biting twinge of regret for cutting it short whenever I look back at the photos, I don't recommend others do a short ED trip. The car just hit the port in Brunswick, GA on Saturday I can't track it easily anymore, just have to wait until I get the call that it's ready for me to pick it up. The whole ED ordering/delivery/re-deliver process and the resulting anticipation have been fun, but now I'm getting impatient...bordering on annoyed. I just want to drive the car again. It's been more than a month and a half since I sold my old car and I'm getting tired of driving a borrowed vehicle. (although, I did spend a couple of weeks with the Mini Cooper S that my dad uses as a dinghy car to tow behind his motorhome, that was fun...but now I'm back to driving a borrowed Tundra)