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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
Front reflectors were perfect - Thanks to Nate @ iND for getting them here so fast.

Interesting note. On the US F30, BMW drills the reflector holes AFTER painting the bumper, which I believe is different than the E9x method.

I know this because once the stock reflectors are removed, the Estoril paint cuts off directly at the edge of the hole and this horrible brown/gray inner-bumper material crap is exposed. So make sure your reflectors are a perfect fit, or else you'll end up with a really weird look.

Also, make sure you use the sun or a heating gun or a blow dryer to your advantage. I put my F30 towards the sun for only a few mins and the reflectors literally popped out.
Gerbs, Glad to hear the reflectors from IND are good. I got mine from there - just need my car to get here now! When you say the reflectors popped out easily with heat, can you tell me more of what I need to do for the installation? Do I need to go in through the wheel well area to do this modification from there or is this done from the outside of the fender? Any instructions/tips you can send me for installation would be helpful.