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DIY Kidney Grill Black Out Tutorial F30 335i / 328i

I have read some other tutorials on how to do this, and I found them sort of confusing so I made one for people out there like me.
This is to show you guys how to remove the kidney grills on the F30 and either paint them, replace them, or do whatever you want with them.

20 minutes
20 Torx screw
30 Torx screw
Flat head screwdriver

Use the pictures for guidance.

#1 Open the hood, hopefully you are able to do so, unlike me at first.

#2 Along the front of the engine compartment, you will see a rubber seal that goes around the front of the car. Pull that out. You will see 6 screws basically touching the front bumper. If you follow those screws, you will see an additional screw on each side, which is the 30 torx screws. The rest are the torx 20 screws.
6 screws along front - torx 20
2 scews on each side - torx 30

#3 After removing all the screws and keeping them separate, gently pull the bumper forwards. This will pull the bumper out of the clips to allow you to reach behind the kidney grills. The bumper seems as if it is not so flexible, but it really is.

#4 Start from the outside of the bumper, and look behind the kidney grills. You will see several clips, 3 on the top, 3 on the bottom, and 1 on each side of the grill. To release these clips, you must push down on the tab and gently pull the grill towards you. I found it easiest to start on the left bumper, I undid the tab all the way to the left. Look down there, you will see it. Then I did the top 3 tabs by sticking a flat head screw driver down and undoing the tabs. Then I did the furthest clip on the right of the grill. Now came the tricky part where the wrench comes into play. Since a flat head is hard to get under the clip, I used a wrench to stick it under the tab, and push it up. Do this to all 3 tabs on the bottom and then you should be able to pull out the entire grill.

#5 Repeat these steps for the other grill.

#6 If you are painting, thoroughly clean them. I used a gloss black spray paint, painted, dried, painted, dried. I gave it a few layers, then a few layers of clear coat and let those dry as well.

#7 When everything is done, simply match up the grill, and slide it in. Push on each part of the grill to make sure all clips are in place.

Thanks for reading! Ask questions if you have any!
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