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Originally Posted by gadgetboy View Post
Irnbrukid - that is my understanding too i.e. you get a 'type' of build slot ie petrol or diesel and then you can spec as you require once you have the slot.

On this matter, I asked a 'friend' at a main BMW dealership today if I could get a 330d before christmas and he said yes, probably. They are only finalising their slots now for the rest of the year. I asked if it would be eaiser to get a 320d slot and he said it didn't make any difference, you book the slot based on diesel or petrol only.

I have no reason to not believe him...therefore I feel sorry for those that are getting screwed with this 330d deal falling into next year, they must have been able to secure a diesel slot. Why take orders when you can't guarantee delivery - very annoying!!
Yes you're right.. thats me talking from experince of having bought around 10 new bmws over the last 6-7yrs.
Even if that dealer has no build slots they can get one from another dealer in their group, or even one without if they will give it up!
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