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central uk vehicle leasing
Gutted. It might be that they're unique in their situationand have just f***ed things up themselves. As yet, we don't know af anyone else who's had their car cancelled

Anyh00 - I got a reply from my broker regarding this matter ...

Karen passed on your email I have been in touch with the dealership and they have re assured us that the BMWs we have on order with them have no major delays, they once again have informed us that your vehicle is due to arrive at our supplying dealership on 12th November 2012 this is still currently an estimate. We rely on the dealerships to advise us of the expected dates of arrival and we believe that we have a good and honest relationship with them and we are sure that they inform us of any delays ect.
Looks like I'll be OK but I feel for the guys who got their orders in after August
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