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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Yeah, you owe me about 800.......don't worry my lawyers are onto it.............expect a threatening letter in the post. They also rekon I can sue for emotional suffering......for the years I will own my EB II when really I wanted a Tanzanite Blue one after seeing yours.
If your lawyers are anything like my lawyers I reckon you won't see that 800 after they present you with the bill for their services I'm used to threatening letters, my lawyers have a special room where they file them for me

You may be right about the emotional suffering though, I would feel exactly the same way in your shoes I love the Tanzanite Blue, it still brings a smile to my face I would however point out that the emotional suffering I will have every time I wash the car or park it in a public car park or see a kid with a football within 50 yards of the car are probably more than I would have had if I'd stuck with my original EBII. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck soon

How about we settle out of court with a beer and a view of those lovely cars of ours