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Originally Posted by rjberry View Post
If your lawyers are anything like my lawyers I reckon you won't see that 800 after they present you with the bill for their services I'm used to threatening letters, my lawyers have a special room where they file them for me

You may be right about the emotional suffering though, I would feel exactly the same way in your shoes I love the Tanzanite Blue, it still brings a smile to my face I would however point out that the emotional suffering I will have every time I wash the car or park it in a public car park or see a kid with a football within 50 yards of the car are probably more than I would have had if I'd stuck with my original EBII. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck soon

How about we settle out of court with a beer and a view of those lovely cars of ours
I don't care if I never see the stinking 800......I just want to see you pay for your reckless use of hi resolution car porn, and total disregard for other peoples budgets

But yes OK if we can meet over a beer and I can get to admire the hand cut merino leather, and mesmirising paint job.....I might just accept that posting the spec and pics was just a short sighted error on your part, that you are deeply sorry about.