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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
No la, the unladen weight is the same regardless of place of manufacture - 1530kg for standard 328i w/8AT built to EU-spec and German standard equipment. From day one the 328i is eligible for EFV rebate.
Wht I've heard from a rival German brand in HK is that the EPD have sole discretion regarding applications & there's no appeal process in case of disputes.
There are quite a number of European cars that are eligible for EFV rebate but got their application turned down by the EPD.

Sorry, you are wrong in saying it is the same all throughout! It depends on the follows:
1/. The parts used in assembling the cars. i.e., for the same model, some production plants use similar or alternate approved parts made locally (to satisfy some countries' requirement). (e.g., Chinese plant vs. German)
2/. Depending on the options selected. (Like the 8 AT gearbox added)
That is why in the catalogue, they just specify a range rather than an exact figure.
As for what you mentioned "From day one the 328i is eligible for EFV rebate', it may be just your own interpretation of the policy! As regards to the other European cars failed to get the allowances, I heard they failed either in the gas emission aspect or insufficient supporting documents submitted by the local importers!
In fact, you are correct in saying that EPD has the sole discretion in these applications. But, I truly believe that our civil servants are a group of fairly efficient officers in dealing with normal, standard or routine tasks (just like issuing driving licence etc.). But, when faced with non-routine tasks or controversial issues, they become very bureaucratic, procedure-driven and dogmatic! I sympathise with your case as I also failed to get a Germany assembled 328i with EPV allowance!