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my bmw 328 has the baby seat in it. There is a good amount of head space to put the baby into the seat but a bit tight when 2 adults sit on both sides of the baby seat. Having a baby is expensive so you are best to consider financials and convenience over everything else. The bmw 328 fits the pram across the boot of the car easily and is made with a tougher leather for all the knee and feet u might put on it when getting the baby in and out. If the baby throws up on the seat it is easy to clean up later aswell (unless it hits the carpet). If i was in your position, i will check insurance for the G6e in 3 yrs time to make sure it doesnt jump and then keep the G6e for extra cash in the pocket. IMO, if the G6e drinks 10l/100km average, you will be paying about 1000-1200$ more per year on petrol that will not equate to the difference in the price of the 2 cars. Only other concern to watch out for is the km's you have done on the G6E and how soon the major service is coming around.