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Ditching the run flats

Hey guys I want to ditch the rft on my car right now so I can save them for return amongst obvious reasons. Thing is I have the baseline 17s and those tires are horrible 50 profile. I do not want to spend any money on a set of wheels and just want to upgrade the tires. Looking to get some hankook tires which IMO are pretty good for the price. What are my options?

Stock tire is 225/50/17. Was wondering if a 235 or 245 45 17 tire would work. I would go 225 45 but just don't want my car to look like a monster truck lol. And beefier tires I would like. Has anyone with the 17s swapped for non rft yet? And what size did you go with or recommend? Want to go lower profile but not add more gap between tire and wheel well.

Thanks in advance.