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Originally Posted by L8*Apex View Post
First, thoughts go out to the family and friends of the driver killed.
Second, to those speculating the doors did not "fly off". They were cut off as well as the roof by the emergency responders. It's common practice to get to the occupants of a vehicle. Also, there is nothing wrong with BMW pillars. There is not a car currently made that would withstand the amount of energy absorbed in this crash without massive damage. Nor is there a human body that can absorb it.
Being a firefighter myself its actually kind of sad to see these pictures because I know what this person looked like. This is essentially a death scene and unfortunate that its being pasted on the Internet. You probably wouldn't want your mom or dads moment of death pictured for the unwashed masses to speculate over. Disrespectful to the dead.
Peace to his family in the difficult years ahead.
Very well said, and I agree with you totally. Also, you have a really tough job. Be careful and thank you for what you are doing sir.

Oh, and RIP...