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Originally Posted by Beemerboi27 View Post
I live in Germany currently with my assignment in the military, and as for someone who drives the autobahn everyday I can say that it is a very safe road overall, even with vehicles driving at high rates of speed. Drivers are much more cautious about "keeping to the right" at all times unless you are passing, and the terrain is PERFECT to truly test these cars.. but the truck drivers are the worst, they switch lanes without looking ALL THE TIME, which is exactly what happened here. I wouldn't bash BMW's safety rating over this, ANY VEHICLE traveling at a high rate of speed crashing into a block of metal will not fair well. These are still some of the safest cars on the road.
+1. I'm not saying the trucker is at fault but in general, they need to do a WAY better job of judging the environment around them. My uncle was involved in a serious accident (he ended up ok but car was totalled) and it was the trucker who blindly merged into his lane without looking and clipped the rear of his car that forced him into the rail. Now I'm not saying trucks can't switch lanes but there is no reason for them to be in the far left. Most if not all cars on the highway are going to be driving faster than the truck so they should be in the right lanes depending on how many lanes there are. Also, aren't trucks speed limited to a top speed? Personally, unless you're exiting, they should stay in one lane.