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Originally Posted by vcw View Post
My dealer just told me to not go over 90 mph the first 1000 miles. I'd drive in Eco mode and keep the rpms low for that 1000 miles as well!
I wouldn't necessarily keep the RPMs low, but I wouldn't go over the RPM limit in the manual during the break-in miles. My manual says to limit RPM to 4K so I stay below that, but I do let the engine rev up to that point occasionally without using full throttle acceleration. Some of the components need to get seated and conformed to their mating surfaces and so I let the engine work its way up to 4K and then switch into Eco Pro and let the engine drop to a lower RPM. I plan to keep my car for at least the next 8 years so I won't abuse it, but I do recognize that the engine needs to do some work to loosen up a bit and start making all its power.