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in response to your request for a review of the camera system, I thought I'd post my opinion and some pics.

Basically, it's great!

Reversing camera:
Very clear image, guide lines and obstacle markers can be switched on/off independently.
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Side view (front) cameras:
For seeing out of junctions/beyond parked cars. Very useful for avoiding the sound of screeching brakes and the sense of impending doom as you see someone slide toward your wing on full lock The yellow line markers indicate the position of the car's nose, and you gt a clear viw for approx 100m. This image ins't very clear as it's my garage entrance so light was poor.
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Birds-eye view cameras:
Utilises the front(side view and windscreen), reversing and wing mirror cameras to give the effect of a birds-eye view around the car. Distance viewed is about 2m front & rear, and 1.5m to the sides. Great for manoeuvring around parking spaces, awkward junctions (the type with odd kerb patterns that always catch the tyres or alloys), and checking for kids/pets/etc. Works in conjunction with the automatic parallel parking system, which I've not personally tried yet, so you can see around the car and stop the system if you think something is in the way.
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This view is inside my garage - it does give an elongated appearance but is very "natural" when you see it in the flesh. Yes I do get it that close to the left wall and the shelves behind, but it's the only way I can get out of the car!
The visible obstacles are actually below the level of the wing mirrors, but the appearance is of it stretching up to the "eye" over the car.

Hope that's helpful for anyone considering it as an option on their spec.