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I guess you could still try to use that in the F30 too but I really hate pulling those panels off because they never seem to be as tight once removed and re-installed and I don't want to screw with the sunroof.

Mine is hooked into the cigarette lighter that's almost hidden up under the passenger footwell. If you don't know where it is you have to basically lay on the ground to find it. I ran my wire up the side pillar and across the top of the windshield and then came out by the mirror. Can't see it at all and keeps the wires or radar from obstructing any view out the front window. Plus since you are doing the V1 they should be mounted higher for better range.

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Can you tell me what you tapped into for power please, thank you.

Not sure how it is in the F30, but in my E90, I used the sunroof motor wire and tapped that.[/quote]