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Originally Posted by Latinnftl
My last car was a Prius and so I can tell you for sure I appreciate and commend the continued development of systems and technology that not only improved fuel efficiency for the sake of the environment but also for the positive impact on my wallet. Having said that the ASS system as it currently exists and operates is not ready for prime time. It can be very jerky and noticeable. My car is at the moment being re programmed. I encourage folks to try ASS (smirking aside) and then decide. At least now there's an option.
What? You went from a Prius to a 328i? Isn't that like a reformed alcoholic suddenly giving it all up and going on a 36 month bender?

So, during the time you were driving the Prius, how many hours did you spend yapping about others' carbon footprint?

Now, I want you to confess right here and tell the class you are a hypocrite.

Mkay? On 3:

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