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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
What an extremely narrow minded view
Oh, like the platform embraced on this forum that says if the car isn't a 335i and isn't a Sport line and isn't an MT it's not worthy of the BMW roundel? Hypocrisy much?

Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post

There are some very ill-informed, ignorant and down-right idiotic people over the pond who think that their narrow view of what a BMW should be should dictate a global brand like BMW. Thankfully they're the minority, not only in the world but even in their own country
Think again. I'm the majority, bub. And since we Americans buy about 100x the amount of BMW's that are sold in the UK we most certainly have a lot of say as to what the new 3 Series looks and feels like. It's bigger, wider, longer, softer, more sumptuous, the Luxury line, the default to Comfort mode, quite a bit different than the tiny E36 and it's ancient relatives. No longer the sport-sedan it was pretending to be. Now embraced as the status-symbol luxury car for yuppies that some were ashamed to admit it was. It's finally an honest car.

As for ASS, they don't sell in America. While everyone would be pleased for emissions to reduce and gas prices to become more affordable, no one wants the inconvenience of doing anything about it. I've already acquiesced on a 4 cylinder motor, already spent a premium for it's great city/highway mileage, that's enough. Not interested in having a car that shuts itself off whenever it feels like it so I can get t-boned by a truck that's belching soot into the sky. Not happening.

If you truly cared about saving money on gas, you wouldn't purchase a $50,000 luxury car. If you truly cared about the environment, you'd take the bus. The F30 isn't the target audience for ASS nonsense.