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Yeah but who still uses incandescent bulbs in the 21st Century?

The analogy still stands. Every time you switch a light on, you shorten its lifespan. And so what if a bulb doesn't have a motor, a cooling system, an ignition system, a battery, and an alternator? Your implication is that those things are going to fail because of the ASS system. You have no evidence to back up that claim and yet are making said claim vehemently.

Maybe you're just ideologically afraid of anything that's a good idea that might ... just might ... have green credentials?

But as long as you're happy that you are holding your hand up to be one of the "very ill-informed, ignorant and down-right idiotic people over the pond ... [who are] thankfully ... the minority" then to each their own. Obviously you're cleverer than the BMW engineers who designed the system because they foolishly think their car can cope with it whereas you know better and think it will fall apart. Kudos to you.
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