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Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post

To the contrary, the very BMW yuppies you speak of are indeed the target audience for ASS.

That do-nothing-except-increase-wear-and-risk ASS is exactly the chill pill these yuppies want so they can claim they did their part to save the environment.

Never before has such a stupid idea been win/win for the manufacturers that will sell more cars since the old ones won't last as long up to and including the stupid people this stupid idea pacifies.

Especially when you hear the horror stories of unintended stalls and failed restarts.

But, I have to admit, I am just as stupid as everyone else that claims ASS is a benefit because I leave it on in my wife's car simply because I was too stupid to remember to turn it off.

Have no fear. Darwin is sure to rid the world of the likes of me and my kind when we go to make that immediate left turn and there is no thrust available due to a failed relight of the motor.
We sort of say that half-jokingly, but truth is someone's wife is going to die because of a routine left turn and its going to be needless and tragic.