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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
BJ, ASS isn't some hippy thing to save the planet. I genuinely think you're viewing it in the wrong light. You seem to imply that the ASS affects the purchasing decision of your average buyer since you say things like "If you truly cared about saving money on gas, you wouldn't purchase a $50,000 luxury car." Well that's just patently silly. If your car is stationary, why would you want it to cost you money doing nothing? It's just a sensible decision to implement a technology that means you're not wasting energy. It's not about getting better mpg and it's not about gren issues in most people's eyes. If the 3 series didn't have ASS, I bet we'd have ALL still bought one. But the fact that when I'm in traffic, my car no longer sits there pissing money down the drain for absolutely no reason is just logical.

I honestly don't see what the big fuss is all about. It's no different from turning the lights out when you leave a room. Do you leave all the lights on in your house because it's a minor inconvenience for you to flick the light switch when you enter a room?
I don't care to do anything for the environment, don't want it thrust upon me.

If I can save a few dollars by exerting no effort, I'll take the savings.

I turn off the lights in my home because it's inconvenient to frequently change the bulbs.

ASS is dangerous and a disingenuous marketing ploy.