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Originally Posted by 1clean335i
Originally Posted by Tremolo View Post
A little update. Fronts and Rears "settled" again. Ride quality is back to being crappy. Can't believe this is the absolute highest you can set the car. I already hit the bottom of the car on the apex of a driveway.

I inquired about the BC coilovers. The price is about half of the KWs V2s. The damping adjustment for the rears are on the outside, so you can adjust it simply by jacking up the car. I'm just a bit wary about a product made in Taiwan. And I doubt KW would let me get a refund on these V2s anyways.
Get the BC's man. I've been on them for a good month now. I took a road trip down to Miami (almost 300 miles each way)the other weekend and they were great on the highway. I've adjusted the ride height once after getting the car back from the shop and that was it. No complaints here.
At this point, I wouldn't mind getting the BCs at all... I would actually prefer it. But I'm stuck at the moment. I sunk $2000 on these KWs and no one has helped me out on this issue yet. Not KW, not the shop I got it at... No one. I can't sink another $1000 on the BCs until I can be sure to get out of these KWs. I want to return it to the shop I bought it from because of this defect but they don't return my calls or emails.