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Originally Posted by yachtchef View Post
I don't do a lot of driving in the car as I work overseas! My wife and kids do the majority of the 8/9000 miles a year. When I,m home I only listen to the radio, sometimes my iPod but never too loud. In my e93 convertible I only have the basic stereo system as well and I find it ok. So to be honest I am really only putting the brakes on because they look better and also the the same reason for the Hk speakers as they look awesome as well. So to say save my money and have neither you are probably right. You have given me a lot to think about but thankyou for your detailed reply. Probably might stick with the brakes and ditch the idea of the Hk.
It's never easy when you have to balance the budget with the option list. It's got to be something you're happy with. Once you have everything you really want then the other options are just luxuries. I used my wife as a sounding board for my option list just to have a bit of a sense check when needed.

As your wife and kids will be the main beneficiary, what would they prefer? Maybe that's a silly question as my wife would just prefer to save the money for a new pair of shoes or a handbag Can you tell she's not here at the moment to see me typing this??