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Originally Posted by yachtchef View Post
I,ll try my dealer first I think to like you say massage the figures? Do you mean put up the residual a little? They have not given me much just 500 good will and the 5 year pack, also they will pay my other credit off my old car but then they always say they have given you a good price, but mercedes did the same. They said BMW won't let them discount a car not produced as this was at the end of August I started the process.
I ordered my M Sport back at the end of May when they weren't even due to be released until July and I managed to get a nice discount. It may not have been as good as I could get now but all the same at the time of ordering I was happy. I then went back later on and got the APR lowered to match the 3.9% on offer at the time and even then went back and got the residual increased. I think a dealer will always tell these little white lies and then reluctantly do what they can to help the sale through.

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