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Originally Posted by BMWCali View Post
I hear what you're saying, but that doesn't even make sense.

I think the problem with lack of interest for the AH3 is that people haven't read enough about it's benefits and haven't used their imagination to see how it would benefit them in daily life.

Twice a day, every day, I go pick up food to eat and I only drive about a mile away from my house. With the AH3, I don't even have to start the engine and can do it on electric power only since it will go 2.5 miles and up to 45MPH on electric only.

It also gets 40MPG Hwy or better.

AND it goes 0-60 in 4.9 seconds.

And it has the new professional nav system that doesn't come out on the 328 and 335 until Nov production.

And because of its big battery pack, you can engage the air conditioning to turn on and cool down the car from your iPhone wherever you are before you get back to your car. Imagine eating a meal on a hot day or spending the day at a theme park and you can precondition your car so it's ice cold inside before you even get back to it.

And it's electric motor provides instantaneous torque (doesn't need to spool up like a gas engine), increasing response time from the time you step on the pedal until you feel something. And that electric motor adds 150 ft. lbs. of torque just by itself.

Need I go on with more benefits?...
This is post #12

A hybrid can go to the shops on battery power alone...yes

it can also run the aircon when the car is parked.....yes

it can do 40MPG highway......yes


it can't do all of these at once.
In the real world, driving to the shops on battery power, depletes the charge in the battery.
When you next drive the car normally, the petrol engine will be under high loads driving not only the car, but also the alternator to charge the battery back up....this means sh1tty gas mileage until it does that.
So the 'free' ride you had the other night going to the shops gets paid for in the end.
Worse than that, converting energy is a wasteful process, so you end up putting 110% back in to get back to your initial 100%. Laws of physics I'm afraid.
Wait it gets worse.....with an AH3 you get a 335i plus some lead in the boot. As we all know it is weight that makes fuel consumption worse, so a hybrid is starting off on the wrong foot.

Put all the above together and you get a car that is worse on fuel in the real world......great news you can switch the AC on when parked, one redeeming feature. .....but quite an expensive feature don't you think?

Until lightweight, high efficiency batteries are a reality, a hybrid will never work.