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Originally Posted by Z4 View Post
I took my 1 month old car to dealership to do the Auto Start Stop reprogram and found swirl mark on the high gloss black b-pillar. The service manager said they don't know why but they will try to fix it. Brought my car back and after 2 days, they told me it is normal to see swirl mark on the high gloss black trim and they can't do anything with it. I really don't know what I can do. Is there anyway I can fix it myself?
Are you sure it happened at the dealership and not that you just happened to first noticed it after your visit? I noticed mine are heavily swirled after a couple of washes (new top quality microfiber towels, shampoo...etc) so I assumed these high gloss surfaces are VERY fragile and it's just useless to have the swirls buffed out as it wouldn't be long before they returned.