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Originally Posted by Z4 View Post
Is the high gloss black b-pillar Plastic or painted black? I think Scratch X will work on paint but not plastic(maybe Plast X?) Not sure which one to try.

Should I apply Optic Coat to protect it again future swirl after fixing it?
Treat it as you would any other painted surface.

The high gloss of these parts makes it VERY easy to put swirl marks in it, even when you're being careful.

My B pillars have light swirls as well.
I use 3M perfect it II. Great stuff, use sparingly and lightly.

I've got a base line 328i loaner and the B pillars are made of unpainted plastic.
They look pretty good actually with a matte finish. They likely won't hold up well over time but for the first few years no glare and no swirl marks.