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Originally Posted by fotios335i View Post
I really hope thats the case. I need to lower (all my cars were) but I paid for this awesome option I really dont want to lose it. I think I read somewhere that bmw is taking it into consideration to do performance suspension for edc equipped cars.
I would think keeping the adaptive dampers and getting new firmer springs would work nicely.
If the new BMW springs have a firmer rate and are another 10mm shorter, that will give an ideal drop, and the adaptive dampers will continue to do their thing. The springs determine ride height not the dampers.

If the springs are firmer, I may go for a set and use my adaptive dampers.
The adaptive suspension springs are still a bit too light imo.
On twisty roads, in some transitions I can feel the springs need "more spring"/heavier rate.

I guess I could try thicker sways at both ends, but I'd rather get the major parts sorted first and then fine tune with sways.

Anyone have an idea how much just the front and rear springs will cost from the M performance suspension kit?
I think the biggest cost of that kit would be the dampers, which I won't need, as I want to keep the adaptive dampers as they are nice.