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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
With AT in the E90, the 6 spd, I can easily come to a complete stop very smoothly, never a problem. With my 335i AT I can't make a smooth complete stop if my life depended on it. ...

and they gave me an F30 328i AT. I can make a smoother complete stop in the 328i, but not as smooth as the E90. There is still at times a bit of 'jerk' motion on the complete stop.
From new my 328i (Sport Auto) was a pig to try and stop smoothly. However, with nearly 4k on the clock and things starting to bed down I can now do graceful gradual stops with it being barely noticeable when the vehicle finally comes to rest. Could be that it's dependent on the vehicle having a few miles on it plus being used to how that particular car does it?
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