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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen
I did an experiment. I have avoided the feature like the plaque after experiencing it just once. So I put it on and insisted not turning it off until I reached my destination.

It turns off quite cleanly, not startling. I find it's much better with the manual since if I anticipate the light will change soon or some other instance where I want to intervene, I just press in the clutch to block the engine from shutting off.

However. Due to so much vibration from the shift lever(mainly an N20 issue) and the fact that I am always at the ready with my hand placed just so, the re-start is startlingly violent. If BMW can improve on that one aspect(also all the mounts may further break in which would transmit less vibration) I think in the manual at least it would be successful and I would use it more often.
At last, back on topic, I normally switch it off as the vibration is annoying, but its a pain that you have to make the effort to switch it off every time you get in the car, like having to switch the auto wipers on, why there isn't a permanent setting within the idrive.