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Originally Posted by Rossifumi View Post
I understand that you are dissapointed. But isn't it a bit premature to base your opinion of the kit (handling and driving) on its current state with the wrong springs?

Or what did KW tell you to make you draw these conclusions?

It sucks though that they sent you the wrong parts and how they seam to have treated you.
The only conclusion I've drawn is that I don't like the way KW treats their customers (or maybe just me). That is enough for me to leave the brand. The suspicion of half ass'n the coilovers for the F30 was confirmed by KW USA to me over the phone. He said that they got the word from straight from KW Germany. This was also confirmed by the shop I got the kit from (finally got a call back). They confirmed it with their KW rep.

Other reasons that lead me to believe it was half ass'd...

- The rear struts are painted black. Not stainless steel like the E90 kits.

- The perches for the rears are too shallow, and from an engineering standpoint, cheaply made.

- There is no allen key slot at the bottom of the coil to counter the perch turns... Even though they had these on other KW kits. To adjust the height, you have to unbolt the strut, and completely take out the control arm bolt. Then take out the spring and perch. Adjust the perch and very carefully seat the spring back in, and put it all back together. Hopefully, you didn't touch the perch wrong and cause it to spin while putting it back in. Other brands allow you to lock the perch heights.

- They made absolutely no attempt to make the damping of the rear struts easily adjustable. You have to take off the wheel, unbolt the strut to access the adjuster. Other companies have put the damping knob outside of the strut tower requiring you to only jack up the car and reach your hand in.

I DO know that KW is a reputable brand. They make awesome kits for cars. But anyone who compares this F30 kit with previous BMW kits will immediately notice the difference in build quality and engineering. And I've made no attempt to steer people away from KW. I've only documented my experience. But I would hope that people won't buy this kit for their F30s until they issue a fix... that is, unless you like rolling slammed. Which is not necessarily a bad thing... just not for me.