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Originally Posted by AntBabeee View Post
So when i talk to the dealer, who exactly would I have to take to, to work it out with first incase i ever do need to bring it in for warranty? Like do they note in the system under my car that they allowed me to spring swap and stuff and not lose warranty.
Swapping springs isn't a major modification as has been said.
However, it can still cause a void warranty of the suspension, but not the rest of the car. IOW, I wouldn't worry about maintenance not getting taken care of.

Do you have the standard sport suspension or the M adaptive?

I have the adaptive on my Msport and am considering installing the M performance springs when they come out. I spoke with my service adviser and he too thinks it would be pretty cool. I stated that since the springs are made by BMW there shouldn't be a warranty issue, he agreed. That's good, because most times it's the dealer service writer and manager that can make the warranty call. If they are on your side, then all is good.

Remember, the Magnusson Moss warranty act protects the consumer regarding non OEM maintenance parts. It doesn't protect the consumer when altering OEM equipment, which is what you're doing when you put springs or dampers on your car that are not OEM spec.
If the manufactures warranty clearly states that non OEM "modifications" WILL alter or void the warranty, the Mag Moss can't protect you from the void.

Many people misinterpret the law, and many still believe that an ECU performance mod can't void the warranty. YES it can and most likely will if it's found.
Springs, exhaust are common mods that don't typically get owners into trouble as they don't directly affect engine and trans function.
If you have after market springs and a damper goes bad, you'll have to take your chances with your service center, but understand that a non OEM spring will clearly show that the suspension has been modified from OEM spec.