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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
Sounds like they've worked in some extra valve overlap to create some burble. Reminds me of the Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams they released a couple years ago to "create" a lopey idle.

6% power gain isn't something to sneeze at...provided the price point is reasonable.
All 335i's have that cool 'burble' over run in between shifts.
I think they mean that that will get accentuated.

As with previous PPK's the AT will get a greater torque boost over the MT.

Nice increase, but nothing dramatic really, +26h. The torque gain for the AT sounds promising, +36lb ft. It'll likely cost too much for the given gain though, especially with a new engine cover, silence piece, additional control module, whatever that is.

When they released the PPK for the 135i there was a discounted introductory price that was actually pretty good, $599 plus install. Many were getting it installed with tax around $730, of course tax varies. But that was a stage 1 PPK, which was just software, unless you had an older '08 N54 that required an additional control module. There is also a stage 2 PPK2 that includes additional cooling and some other items, higher cost.
Not too bad at $730 installed out the door and retaining the warranty for the software only 135i.

The JB N55 is $380 and you install it yourself. The gains are a good bit higher, claimed crank increase +50hp and +60lb ft.
At the wheels, the dyno shows a substantial curve increase in both HP and torque.

135i PPK were showing a good +20hp and +20lb ft at the wheels.
Not bad for full warranty and $730.
But I'll bet the PPK for the 335i N55 will be more a good bit more than $1000 installed.
If it's over $1000 installed, I'll have to pass.
If they offer a software only upgrade at a lower cost, then maybe, if it's under $800 installed.

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