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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
From new my 328i (Sport Auto) was a pig to try and stop smoothly. However, with nearly 4k on the clock and things starting to bed down I can now do graceful gradual stops with it being barely noticeable when the vehicle finally comes to rest. Could be that it's dependent on the vehicle having a few miles on it plus being used to how that particular car does it?
Thanks. Good to know it may smooth out.
I've only got about 1400 miles right now. Seems the brake pads have quite a bite too. I've read that the Msport comes with a higher friction pad compared to non Msport brakes. Maybe that's part of it too.
But still, even doing my best to modulate the brake force, if I let up too much that car then wants to accelerate. If I modulate for more force it seems to bite too much against the forward force.
It feels like I'm fighting too much torque even at idle engine speeds.
I guess I could ask them to try and tune down the idle speed by about 200rpm and see if that helps, but I don't know if they can do that.
The service writer and tech test drove it, but of course they thought it was "normal" even though they both admitted that it did stop with too much of a "jerk" motion. When it stops, literally the front end compresses noticeably as if I were coming to a very hard stop from high speed, even though I may be coasting to a stop at 5mph. Not very BMW like at all.
Makes me miss the MT even more, even though I LOVE the sport AT.