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Originally Posted by mark.L View Post
Those wheels look really sick.
Are those gun-metals??
Thanks! Yes, the wheels are a Metallic Gunmetal w/ a Gloss Clear coat

Originally Posted by crowed View Post
Can you upload a high res (1920x1080 or 1920x1200) version of pic #2?
We'll be adding links underneath each picture that link to our Flickr where you can download the pictures in Full-Resolution. Give it about 5 minutes!

Originally Posted by Jackson743 View Post
Looks great. Can you tell us what the offsets are and the specs on the tires? And what the camber is.
At this time the offsets are to remain confidential, but we'd be more than happy to answer your other questions! The wheels are 19x8.5" and 19x10", wrapped in 235/35/19 and 265/30/19. Thanks!!

Originally Posted by RSXDC5 View Post
What's the consensus on the 19x9 +22 fitting up front compared to the 19x8.5 +35?
19x9" ET22 (in our opinion) is too aggressive. With modifications anything is possible, but as an out-of-the-box fitment, we wouldn't recommend it

Originally Posted by jsedlak View Post
19x10? jesus.

any shots from the rear that show the width of the tyres?
19x10" all day!!! Other than the shots posted, we don't have any others (of this car). BUT, we do have another F30 with a slightly more aggressive rear offset (believe it!), and some chunkier tires (265/35/19) that will be photographed shortly

Originally Posted by Nero7 View Post
WOOOOWWWW amazing pictures and car. Do you have larger pics?
We do! Check the front page in about 5 minutes - we're adding download link in Full-Resolution

Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
So beautiful.

More pictures please(in daylight if possible)

We haven't shot the car in the daytime (yet), but do have another F30 that will be photographed on 10/13. This one has an even MORE aggressive set-up

Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
Great pics, horrible JPG compression! Is that the forum ruining the pictures?

Would be great to repost or re-link these in higher quality...I need some good wallpaper.
Re-linked yesterday!! Sorry about that. Full-res download links for ALL of your wallpaper needs will be added shortly too

Originally Posted by SoCali E90 View Post
How wide are the rears

Originally Posted by RonSwanson View Post
The car and the wheels look amazing and the shots you took are amazing.. I'm curious...what camera did you use for these shots?
I believe our photographer used a Nikon D300S for this one

We love answering questions, so keep them coming! Happy Tuesday everybody,

- The Team @ MORR