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Thanks for the kind words.

Can you do one on the standard 6 speaker system?
This will be tough - as I understand it BMWNA has dropped the base Stereo system again from this market. The Stereo unamplified level of BMW sound system hasn't been seen in the 3-Series in the US since the E30. E36, E46, and E9x until 2010 all had HiFi - the middle system - as standard, and Premium sound as an option. 2010 and early 2011 were an aberration - we had Stereo as standard and no HiFi (other than in the M3). My guess is that we in the States are unlikely to see Stereo here, just HiFi and Premium Sound (branded h/k). If someone in the rest of the world wants to do this sort of measurement with a PC, I can walk you through about $100 in parts needed to do so (or if someone wants to fly me to Sydney or Europe ) because I would love to do it. AFAIK we were the first to do this sort of analysis in the US on 2010 base Stereo signals in the E82 and E9x. I expect it to be front mids, rear mids, underseat 6", and deck power with a preset EQ curve looking like a jagged happy face, which is what it looks like in the E82, E70, and E9x (the curve is different but in each case severe enough to compromise upgrades which don't correct it).

Front speaker adapter made from MDF:
That MDF ring you made had better have a lot of coats of paint on it, because it's getting wet from the backside and when MDF gets wet, it expands.

This was what I found in my niece's preowned VW Beetle when I was installing new speakers for her. It's about 1" thick in this picture, but it was originally 3/4" MDF:

As far as your expectations, it's known that the E90 and E82 base Stereo systems use extensive EQ on the speaker leads, and I see no reason to think the F30 is different. I would expect better speakers than you used to sound poor in that scenario without correction, I'm afraid.

This is my third H/K equipped car and I think it sounds the best...
I agree that it sounds better than other HK systems (in BMWs, I have not listened critically to many other HK branded systems, but they are always limited by the OEM's willingness to spend on HW), but I thought all the other HK systems in BMWs sounded like ass anyway. This is the first F30 we've been able to investigate, and we are working on a trunk-sub-add option for it.
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