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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
It's the worst feature on Earth, eventually it's going to get someone killed and then it'll make national news and the fun will start.

At the very moment you need dependable acceleration the most, like turning left across a speedy intersection from a stop, the engine shuts off. And you work out the timing and find the right window to make your move and there's no power for a long second. Then you pray the thing starts but by the time it does your window has rapidly closed. It's a terrible experience.

Then there are stalls. Happens frequently for no apparent reason. As you say, sometimes you think you've stalled so you quickly hit the button and that turns the engine off, not on.

I couldn't let my wife drive the car until I had ASS deactivated. I hadn't been driving a car that stalled since my 1980 Honda Prelude until my 2013 BMW. And for what? So some tree-huggers can claim they're environmentally "friendly" as they drive their excessive luxury cars and smoke cigars? So someone who can afford a $50,000 German sport sedan can save $0.19 cents per fill-up?

Awful idea, awful implementation, awful choice of car to put it on. If we wanted a Prius, we'd have bought one.

Very well said.