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So here are some acoustic measurements. Please remember that sound at a given note is not neccesarily good sound. Impulse response and distortion play a huge role. The F30 HK system did sound tons better than the E90 HK system, but it was still bright and forward to me (see below).

With the EQ and the tone controls flat, Logic 7 off

With the bass control up 50%:

With the 10k EQ slider up 50% (not recommended for listening):

The settings I liked best myself were the bass control up three clicks and 100 Hz down 50%, 2k down three clicks, 5k down two clicks, and 10k up 2 clicks. This seemed to be the least annoying. The Logic 7 surround feature turned on would make the system sound much brighter and I didn't like that, but I did find the hk system bright in my listening (my 2k cut was to try to get rid of the brightness, but it wasn't completely successful).I'm pretty certain that my settings are not as flat as that pretty flat initial curve, but it sounds better to me.
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