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Originally Posted by RollingHard28 View Post
I am not 100% sure, but I do know Tremolo was talking about his backs as being too low and a problem..It still is low but I do not have any clearance issues in the back or rubbing at all, so I am guessing not. I do have to go real slow over speed bumps, dips, driveways and what not, if i take it too fast I will scrape, but for how low it is now, it still drives really smooth.

The fronts seem like the wheel wells are pretty close to the tire, but there is no real major rubbing. I did kind of feel what I thought was a small grinding feel when I turn my wheel to the left or right real hard. I took it back to LTMW and the one mechanic didn't think there was anything wrong, although the thing I thought was grinding, he believes has something to do with the steering column..But if you look at all my tires, everything is in tact so I think I am fine..
If that is the highest setting you have on the pictures above I'm guessing you have the wrong springs too. That car would be undrivable over here.